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My first interaction with photography was a class in middle school back in Minnesota. We had cameras and black & white film and were told to take pictures. Then we developed them in our own dark room. It was an experience I will never forget and what started my love of "capturing the moment".

Fast forward to 2005 where I picked up a used Sony Digital camera that looked like a DSLR but sadly, was not. I learned more and more about how to get just the right shot and started taking pictures for a local clown school called "ClownTown" in Newark, Ohio.  I took photos there for five years and captured some of the cutest little faces.

I started taking our family photos because, with a large family, it was too expensive to go to Sears, or even the local Target portrait studio for our photos. I learned more about aperature and placement in those early years. I got myself a true DSLR after getting a recommendation from a photographer for the Columbus Dispatch. I went quickly to YouTube to learn about shutter speeds and tracking a target. I was getting into motion blurs and long exposures of creeks and waterfalls.

Then in 2014 my oldest son joined marching band. I found a resurrected love of life behind the lens. When we moved to Grove City, Ohio and he and my second son joined the Grove City Marching Band, I got further into it. 

Now I was upgrading equipment, new lenses, new flashes, tripods, lights! It was all so exciting, my wife was wondering why all my money was being spent. Now onto Senior pictures, more family photos and even getting some of my pictures of the band published in local magazines.

Friends started asking me to do senior photos for their students, photo shoots for their dog, other family's family pictures as well. So, that is when I decided I can do this. Perhaps I am not so bad with a camera. I can capture the moment and do it well.

I'm ready to take pictures for you also.

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